Natural Language Processing


Translation is the task of translating a sentence in a source language to a different target language.


Summarization is the task of producing a shorter version of one or several documents that preserves most of the input's meaning.

Zero-shot Classification

The task of classifiying text into a set of previously unseen classes

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is the task of classifying the polarity of a given text. For instance, a text-based tweet can be categorized into either "positive", "negative", or "neutral".

Named-entity Recognition

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a task that involves identifying and classifying named entities in a text into predefined categories such as person names, organizations, locations, and others. The goal of NER is to extract structured information from unstructured text data and represent it in a machine-readable format.

Part-of-speech tagging

Part-of-speech tagging (POS tagging) is the task of tagging a word in a text with its part of speech.

Question answering

Question Answering is the task of answering questions (typically reading comprehension questions), but abstaining when presented with a question that cannot be answered based on the provided context.

Keyword extraction

Keyword extraction is the task of identifying the terms that best describe the subject of a document

Text classification

Text Classification is the task of assigning a sentence or document an appropriate category. The categories depend on the chosen dataset and can range from topics.

Fill mask

The task of filling blanks in a sentence

Sentence embeddings

The task of generating a vector representation of a sentence

Text Generation

Text Generation is the task of generating text with the goal of appearing indistinguishable to human-written text.